Sony / ESPN work

Sony / ESPN

New technologies, such as 3D on TV, generate a new level of creative rewards and challenges to meet. Here we show our expertise in this cutting edge commercial production for Sony and ESPN shot in 3D!
St Louis Cardinals 2010 work

St Louis Cardinals 2010

The St. Louis Cardinals came to us for a series of tv commercials that would stir the heart and excite the fans for America’s Game in 2010. Have a look at some of our greatest hits.
Pennsylvania Lottery work

Pennsylvania Lottery

A TV commercial for the Pennsylvania Lottery starring “The Price is Right Live” host Todd Newton, supermodel Mercedes Terrell, and Shawn Lockie, directed by Monty Lapica.

Bioglan work


Bioglan came to Thought Division to produce two unique commercials starring Soleil Moon Frye for their Kids Smart Fish Oil and Super Fish Oil products. Punky Brewster grew up so fast.
Buffalo Wild Wings work

Buffalo Wild Wings

We add a chapter to the iconic Buffalo Wild Wings “Send it to overtime” campaign with a brand new way to keep the celebration going. It just came to us in a flash.
Muller work


It’s an udder, not a mudder, that gives this commercial for Muller its unexpected ending as we cross the finish line into memorable creative television advertising.
Blow-Out Sale work

Blow-Out Sale

A killer short film directed by Timothy Kendall.
Plus Mobile work

Plus Mobile

Well executed advertising transcends language barriers. Watch these commercials for Mobile Plus in any language and the message is clear; guys are guys everywhere you go.
IKEA work


IKEA wanted to convey a heroic feel to the idea of do-it-yourself home improvement. We delivered in this spot that features some ingenious production elements used to create a sense of epic scope.
M&M’s work


M&M’s classic ad campaign gets the Thought Division treatment in these hilarious Russian TV spots centered on their internationally recognized M&Ms “spokescandy” characters.
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