St. Louis Cardinals (ADDY Award Winner) work

St. Louis Cardinals (ADDY Award Winner)

We took the St. Louis Cardinals’ ingenious “Play like a Cardinal” campaign to an elite level in this ADDY award-winning collection of commercial spots directed by Timothy Kendall.
Sunoco (ADDY Award Winner) work

Sunoco (ADDY Award Winner)

Sunoco had a big message to deliver, and with NASCAR superstars Kasey Kahne, Tony Stewart and Kevin Harvick to give a hand, we were able to bring this series of ads across the finish line for the win.
Alka-Seltzer / ESPN work

Alka-Seltzer / ESPN

For this co-branded spot we had to create a unifying ad concept for two unrelated products. We succeed with compelling visuals and a tight focus on the message – all in under ten seconds!


Effective TV advertising means being able to grab an audience – fast. In this spot for DIRECTV we inform and entertain with only 15 precious seconds to sell the message.
Arctic Cat work

Arctic Cat

Two edgy but vastly different concepts shape this vivid TV commercial campaign we shot for Artic Cat featuring great visual effects and set designs.
Vestel work


Vestel, one of the world’s leading professional appliance makers, wanted a commercial that would be fun and modern while showcasing their sleek designs. This spot certainly rises to the occasion.
Turtle Wax work

Turtle Wax

With a wink at 60’s super hero nostalgia, this spot for Turtle Wax features Adam West and the original Batmobile. The goal here was to create great entertainment value while still featuring the product in a memorable way.
White Castle work

White Castle

Combining man’s love for pork and the oddest re-creation ever of the famous Flashdance “shower” scene, we prove that with the right commercial production company, even the strangest spots can work wonders for a brand.
Rapala work


A lure this extreme demands a net man this extreme. Check out our entertaining and expandable campaign for Rapala and their line of industry leading fishing gear.
Nestle work


In this memorable fantasy spot for Nestle we show why giant fruit and discotecas are all you need for a wild night out with your friends.
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