Explore Minnesota Tourism work

Explore Minnesota Tourism

This multi-spot ad campaign to promote Minnesota tourism uses humor and the ironies of modern life to put Minnesota outdoor fun on the map and on the mind.
Hewlett Packard / ESPN work

Hewlett Packard / ESPN

Working late? Can’t make it the big game? Well, thanks to HP you can at least join the party in spirit by printing from any mobile device.
TELE2 work


Two very different ad styles in two very different commercials combine to tell the TELE2′s message in this memorable campaign of contrasts.
Nike (AICP Award Winner) work

Nike (AICP Award Winner)

Amazing production values create a feature film look and scope in this award-winning spot that feels a big as the legend of Tiger himself.
TAC Swedbank work

TAC Swedbank

These twin ads for TAC Swedbank feature great actors working without dialogue and pulling off the message with pure expression and humor.
Twix work


In these two international spots for Twix from Russia we convey a sense of energy and youth by using utilizing dynamic sounds and top production talent.
Renaissance Credit work

Renaissance Credit

This TV commercial for Renaissance Creditfeatures some incredible visuals and digital effects that only top advertising companies such as Thought Division can pull off.
Casino Arizona work

Casino Arizona

Cash in on that! Television commercial campaign for Casino Arizona with English and Spanish versions.
Hendricks Regional Health work

Hendricks Regional Health

Clarks / CICA work

Clarks / CICA

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