work came to Thought Division to create a kinetic commercial flush with gorgeous images for their innovative website that lets people connect around the activities they enjoy.
Volkswagen / SportsCenter work

Volkswagen / SportsCenter

We teamed up with Volkswagen and SportsCenter to create these humor-driven, co-branded spots, showcasing the brand new Passat. You can catch these commercials running currently during ESPN’s coverage of the NBA Finals.
Prometheus / SportsCenter work

Prometheus / SportsCenter

What do you get when you combine epic sci-fi with the world’s best sports show? Answer: this heart-pumping television commercial for legendary director Ridley Scott’s new blockbuster, Promethius, and ESPN’s action-packed, industry dominating program, SportsCenter.
Little League work

Little League

They may be little but they play big! Little League wanted a unique and creative look and feel for their latest TV commercial campaign. We obliged while keeping that wholesome, inclusive spirit they are known for. Feeling nostalgic yet?
Target / The Hunger Games work

Target / The Hunger Games

Getting excited for the new Hunger Games movie? So we are we, as you can tell by these new co-branded spots we created for Target in anticipation of the upcoming release. May the odds ever be in your favor.
Honda Perspectives work

Honda Perspectives

Sometimes perspective is everything. Honda wanted to convey a fantasy feel to this commercial; mixing together creative production elements such as full speed racing car action and slow motion. It also features racing legend Mario Andretti in an unexpected performance that you have to see.
Under Armour work

Under Armour

Under Armour and Dick’s Sporting Goods wanted an electric commercial to show off their new “charged cotton” line of apparel. 14-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Dallas Cowboys receiver Miles Austin, and WNBA star Crystal Longhorn sure helped us get the point across in this explosive, visually-charged spot.
Pro Football Hall of Fame work

Pro Football Hall of Fame

There is no end to the popularity of professional football and the legends that played the game. Here Emmitt Smith shows how true that is with this Pro Football Hall of Fame spot.
Clear Men Scalp Therapy work

Clear Men Scalp Therapy

Hair products can be a tough sell to men. Unless of course you have NFL legend Tony Gonzales as your spokesperson.
7UP work


Our latest commercial campaign for 7UP Lebanon shot on location in Beirut shows our video production company truly knows no borders. Cool down with these refreshing, visually driven spots.
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